Holarctic Listing

A checklist of the birds of the Holarctic Region


Many splits have been included, and other potential or historical splits are at least highlighted (even where highly dubious).

Scientific names

In cases of conflict, generic and specific names generally follow a descending order of precedence:

  • AOU for species which mainly occur in the New World
  • Dutch Birding for other species recorded in the WP
  • IOC World Bird List for other species recorded in the Eastern Palaearctic


The subspecies which regularly occur within the regional limits are listed for all polytypic taxa (double-click on individual cells to expand contents).

Subspecific names mostly follow Dickinson (2003), unless superseded by authoritative works published after its cut off date (e.g. HBW Vols. 7+, family monographs, BNA Online updates etc.).

Subspecies of uncertain validity are enclosed in quotes.